CEO Message


To our shareholders

SanBio is a biotechnology company aiming to commercialize a promising new treatment category: regenerative cell medicine. We are working toward the clinical application of a product based on technology originating in Japan and further developed in the U.S.

Our company focuses on the regenerative cell medicine, SB623. Clinical trials have shown promising results, with certain stroke patients regaining the ability to raise their arms or the ability to walk by themselves without a wheelchair. SB623 is anticipated to be a fundamental therapeutic product addressing currently unmet medical needs.

The 2014 revision in the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in Japan has resulted in a world-leading fast-track approval system for regenerative medicine, and our company wishes to take full advantage of this system. Moreover, our company has been listed in the Mothers section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange since April 2015. In the future, we intend to move forward with additional clinical trials in the U.S., as well as trials designed to secure marketing approval of SB623 in Japan.

We aim to become a global leader in the new field of regenerative medicine. This means that technology and medicine born in Japan may bring bright hope to people worldwide. We request further assistance and encouragement from our shareholders to help realize our dream for this inspiring future.

SanBio CO., Ltd.

Keita Mori