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About Us
写真:Keita Mori

Since its founding in 2001, SanBio has worked to develop new pharmaceutical products in the novel field of regenerative medicine. Our products target important unmet medical needs, especially those experienced by patients with central nervous system disorders. Working in a completely new field of medicine brings many challenges; nevertheless, we have continued to make gradual but steady progress.

SanBio has conducted groundbreaking clinical trials targeting traumatic brain injury, as well as chronic motor deficit caused by ischemic stroke. In July 2019, we received a license to market our regenerative medicine products in Japan. With this license, we have progressed from just developing drugs, to undertaking an active role in production and distribution. We have been diligently working as a pharmaceutical company to ensure a stable supply of quality products to our customers. In September 2019, we also obtained a regenerative medicine “advanced therapy” designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for our product SB623, as used in the treatment of chronic neurological motor deficits secondary to traumatic brain injury.

All our employees at SanBio are committed to bringing about a future where the vast potential of regenerative medicine is realized, and patients’ quality of life is substantially enhanced.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of patients, physicians, and stakeholders as our journey has unfolded, and kindly ask for your continued understanding and support.

Keita Mori, CEO