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03 World-Leading Development Team SanBio’s World-Leading Team for Regenerative Cell Medicine Development

SanBio initially brought on board Professor Hideyuki Okano (current Dean, Keio University School of Medicine), one of the world’s leading authorities in regenerative medicine, as the founding scientist of our company. Dr. Okano has worked with the company on the rapidly-growing body of science in this field since the Company’s inception.

More recently, SanBio was joined by Bijan Nejadnik, M.D., who previously led the programs from early phase to registration trials, with successful BLA/NDA/MAA submissions and market launch, and Keizo Nakada, who has abundant knowledge and experience related to the stable production and supply of pharmaceutical products, to head its R&D department and manufacturing department, respectively. From research through clinical testing and commercial scale production, we believe SanBio has the world’s top team in regenerative medicine.

With its world-recognized team,
SanBio leads the field of regenerative cell medicine development.

As of July 2020