When was the company founded?

The company (SanBio Inc.) was originally founded in February 2001 in California. Later, SanBio Co., Ltd. was formed in February 2013, and became the parent company of SanBio Inc. in January 2014, through organizational restructuring by the reversal of U.S. parent-Japanese subsidiary.

What does SanBio mean?

It is “Mr. Bio” in Japanese. We aim to be a leading global company in biotech industry, and to produce a significant positive impact on society.

When was the company listed on the stock exchange?

SanBio Co., Ltd. listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market on April 8, 2015.

What is the securities’ code of SanBio?

It is 4592.

What is the trading unit?

One hundred shares.

When is the fiscal year end?

January 31st every year.

When does the company announce financial results?

The company announces financial results following the end of every quarter. The schedules are posted when determined at “IR Calendar”.

When is the company ordinary general meeting of shareholders held?

At the end of April every year.

Do you currently have any preferential system for shareholders?

No, we do not.

Do you pay dividends?

No, currently we do not.
The company regards returning profit to shareholders as one of the important management policies. The company will determine when to declare a dividend after enhancing internal reserves for the future research and development.
Currently the company pays no dividend because there are no retained earnings on its balance sheet. The company anticipates no dividend payment for the time being and prioritizes enhancing internal reserves in order to pursue proactive research and development of its regenerative cell medicines.

What is SanBio’s scope of business?

You can see the outline of our businesses at “Regenerative Medicine and SanBio” and “Our Strengths”.

What is the recent business performance?

You can view our recent business performance at “Highlights”.

Where can I get business performance forecasts?

You can find the business performance forecasts in our latest “Financial Results”.

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