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Scalable Regenerative Medicine

Differences between Autologous and Allogeneic Cell Treatments

Cellular approaches to regenerative medicine can be broadly categorized as either autologous or allogeneic.
Autologous cell treatment involves a procedure in which the patients’ own cells are removed, processed, and then used as a treatment. While this process is frequently used, it has serious drawbacks. For example, a prodigious commitment of time and effort is required to process cells separately for each individual patient and this often results in uneven quality of cells across different patients. It is also very costly.
Conversely, in allogeneic cell treatment, patients receive cells collected from a healthy cell donor. These cells are cultured in large quantities and processed to become medicines with uniformly high quality. Thus, using allogeneic cells, a superior therapy can be made available to patients at greatly reduced cost.

SanBio uses allogeneic model in order to make RM available to all patients

SanBio's Regenerative Cell Medicine

SanBio’s regenerative cell medicine is allogeneic, using cells from a small number of healthy adult donors. We culture mesenchymal stem cells isolated from bone marrow from these donors, resulting in a manufactured, homogenous final product. We then transport this cryopreserved product to hospitals. The product is then administered to patients after thawing.
Thus, patients can expect that SanBio products will be readily available and will not require long delays and additional procedures required for processing a patient's own bone marrow.

Can adopt scalable pharmaceutical company model

Stereotactic surgery:
This surgical method has been used for many years, and its safety has long been established. In the beginning, such surgery was developed to implant electrodes emitting an electrical stimulus into the brain and, also, to hematoma. SanBio’s SB623 cells are directly implanted by a syringe to a site pinpointed in advance by CT or MRI.

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